Shelby Dvd cover pic

A 2012 cover for Shelby and Tony’s blu ray dvd film. Check it out on the website. It was a true blast to film!!



Jenna and Ken from a 2012 wedding we were honored to be apart of.

Debbie Jones Luxmore 9:11am May 7
David, You did my daughters wedding in October. I went up to visit her this past weekend and she gave me a copy of the video you made ~ Beautiful, just absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for capturing the day from beginning to end. We are so pleased with the results of your quality work. I will highly recommend you. Again, thank you! Debbie Luxmore

May 1 st marked the second time on this tour to watch Rush doing their Clock Work Angels tour. It was a drive but worth it!! It was also Lauri and I’s anniversary gift to each other.

Next month on a wedding break we are off to take my daughter Brandi and our editor.second shooter Holly to see One Direction in Nashville as well. Geez. maybe I need to solicit some weddings down there while I am at it LOL. Love Tennessee.

Addicted to the Y!!

Ok ever since we started a membership at Two Rivers YMCA in Moline we have been all anout being healthy. Feels great to be able to film a wedding and not sweat or be out of breath at the end of the day. If you have ever thought about getting in a better shape? Go for it. It is worth it for you and your family. Lauri says come Zumba with her teusday or thursday eves at 7!! It’s on.

Hello world!

We just finished filming the newest video for Sas Djs. It was a blast!! We have two more to create for the 2013 campaign they are creating. Love these guys for being so media oriented. They rock!