Nashville Wedding Videographers Ruby Media Services attended the Nashville BABC show in Nashville at the recently renovated Sheraton. The show was incredible raising $14,000 for the cause and had some of Nashville’s top vendors to make it an incredible event.


Ever since we started showcasing our films on our site, it has been a true blessing. Our brides have all been booking them and I am excited to film and produce them all!
I also am creating original soundtracks for a few of them. This is something new I will discuss in another thread.
If you have not seen a film yet here is a little taste of a good friend of ours and a DJ with Sas Djs

I am sorry if I scared a few of you with the last post about our moving. Honestly I forgot I had a Blog and anyone looked at it. ;/
We are officially moving sometime this fall or even next year to Nashville. Timing depends on house selling, etc.
We also have a ton of weddings thru 2015 in Illinois/Iowa and are still available. When we move we will only be 6 hours away and a lil gas.
That is called a Destination Wedding ; ) That sounds awesome!!
Yes we will do Destination weddings to Illinois and Iowa as long as we are asked. We also remember where we started and this is home.
I also want to say we love you Quad City families and friends who we have shared a wedding day or business job together.
You made Ruby Media possible. And I truly love you for that. Again. We are not mentally leaving. Just our bodies are. But we will be back so much you won’t even know our bodies moved lol.
Ok except the neighbors.

Again I am sorry to our beautiful brides of 2014/2015/2016 for any scares here. We would not forget your day.
Ruby Media out of 18 years in business has never been late or missed an event of any kind. I promise this and stand behind it.
David : )

Yes the Ruby family and business are moving to our new home in Nashville this year. We fell in love with it after spending quite a bit of time there this past year and a few friends are helping us make the change. I truly look forward to bringing our film style to the Nashville and surrounding areas. The vendors we have met so far have been quite genuine and that makes for a smile on this face. : )

Look forward to being there soon. Lots to do yet like selling a house and moving but no complaints here.

Here we go…….

New site is looking great. A lot of cool new changes are happening. Stay tuned!


Our hearts go out to oklahoma tonite. Hearing about children being taken away so early in life is the last thing anyone wants to hear.

God Bless them all.